RYAN  PARSONS booked on charge of: Domestic Assault (12 Hr Hold)

COOKEVILLE, TN – RYAN CHRISTOPHE  PARSONS () was booked into the Putnam County Jail on 3/27/2020.


Bond for the following charges was set at:   $2,000. Charge(s):
Domestic Assault (12 Hr Hold)


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2 Replies to “RYAN  PARSONS booked on charge of: Domestic Assault (12 Hr Hold)”

  1. Hi this is Ryan. The officer was called when I made a mistake and argued with my dad went to wrestle him – I love my dad. He is awesome we get along great. Thank God for my dad, I repented and do repent in Jesus Name! Honor your mother and father, respect your elder. We made up with a big hug. A police officer, not my father, filed charges against me, “domestic assault.”

    According to Constitutional law the State of Tennessee and this officer are wrong. For there to be a case there FIRST must be a victim come forth saying that your actions caused them damage, then you are liable for the damages, there also must be a witness (cases like “you ran over my mailbox! See it is still stuck in the grill of your truck!” Do not require a witness unless the vehicle was stolen which the owner would have to provide evidence/witness or be at fault).

    According to Constitutional Law there is no case because my father has not come forth with a case against me saying my actions caused him damage! The police office did all this on her own! I look awful because she broke into the house and tried to tazer me, the tazer missed me but hit my shirt.

  2. Both of these charges were thrown out and expunged there was never even a case on either charge, I never even had to plea for there was no case to begin with.

    If you do not take this off I pray Jesus Christ destroys your website and humbles you for all the defamy, slander, false report, unforgiveness, and no mercy that you have shown towards human beings that your soul be saved in Jesus Christ Name amen.

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